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Did you know that philosophers, theologians, and psychologists have long sought to define what happiness really means.

The one thing they all agree on is, happiness is good for our health and well being.

So why do so many people struggle with this topic? I believe the reason is, how can we cookie cutter happiness? How can someone define my happiness? Answer: they can't!

We are the keepers of our happiness, we alone own and need to define our happiness. It's not up to anyone to bring that to us or make it be. So for someone other than yourself, defining happiness would be a waste of breath.

What you have the power to control is your state of being, it's a choice to be happy, its a choice to find happiness in the moment.

Lets try something; close your eyes, I want you to think about a moment that brought you happiness...try to find a belly laugh moment or a moment when your childhood friend and you took pleasure in just waking up on a Saturday morning and hanging out together. Just sit for a moment and feel what your body feels while you think of this. Are you smiling? Is your body relaxed? Do you feel a sense of peace?

This is what you choose to feel when you let go and enjoy moments of happiness in your life.

So take a moment and find that place of peace and when your day is tough or you feel what's the use? Remember those moments and know you were capable of enjoying happiness.

So don't give up, bring yourself back to those moments of happiness and if it's a little hard getting there, it's OK to seek help.

We don't have lives that are cookie cutter, some have been harder than others. Seek help if you need it, don't go it alone. Find a mentor, coach, friend, therapist, or family member to help you.

So do something for yourself today. Feel happiness in one thing you do! If you seek a little happiness everyday for 21 days, you will create a new habit which will allow you to clear things that serve no purpose to you and lets you see life in a different way.

So lets take the first step in creating a little happiness!

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