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A premonition, also known as a "premonitory dream" or "foreboding," is a type of intuitive or psychic experience where a person has a strong feeling or sense of anticipation about a future event before it actually happens. This feeling can manifest as a dream, a gut instinct, a sudden thought, or even a physical sensation. People who report experiencing premonitions believe that they have received some kind of forewarning about a specific event or situation.

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How Do I Know If I Am Having A Premonitions

Here are a few steps to consider if you think you might have had a premonition:

  1. Vivid and Detailed Experience: Premonitions often stand out as particularly vivid and detailed experiences. If you've had a dream, thought, or feeling that was unusually clear and specific about a future event, it could potentially be a premonition.

  2. Event Verification: Pay attention to whether the event you anticipated actually occurs. Keep a journal or record of your experiences and compare them to real-life events. Sometimes, people might not recognize a premonition until after the event has taken place.

  3. Intuitive Feeling: Premonitions are often accompanied by a strong intuitive feeling that something is about to happen. Trust your gut instincts if you have a strong sense about a future event.

  4. Recurring Themes: If you notice recurring themes or images in your dreams or thoughts that later seem to correspond to events in your life, this could be a sign of premonitions.

  5. Open Mind: It's important to approach this topic with an open mind. While some people believe strongly in premonitions, others are more skeptical. Be willing to explore your experiences without jumping to conclusions.

  6. Discuss with Others: Talk to friends, family, or individuals who are open to discussing paranormal or psychic experiences. Sharing your experiences might help you gain insights and perspectives.

  7. Keep Perspective: Not every strong feeling or dream about the future necessarily indicates a premonition. Sometimes, our minds can create connections that may not be truly predictive.

Premonitions can be very clear or bits and pieces, if your not sure seek out someone that knows more about this gift to help you understand.


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