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Find Inner Peace And Healing

I am committed to providing you with a safe and supportive environment where you can connect with your loved ones and receive the guidance you need. I believe that everyone has the ability to connect with the spirit world, and I am here to help you make that connection. In addition, I offer healing services please click below or go to


Psychic Medium Jackie Korth


My name is Jackie Korth

I am a Psychic Medium that has the blessing and privilege to bridge messages from loved ones who have crossed into spirit. I have been on a  journey that started when I was very young, feeling and knowing things at times was confusing. Through my learnings, I was introduced to some very talented mediums, and healers that helped me understand my path as well as my gifts. 


Today I continue my mediumship along with healing arts, writing, and Founder/CEO of a non-profit.  My intention with my work is to bring forward healing, love, comfort, and support; a chance for all to see that everyday is a new day, where we have choices and a chance to breathe and see life in a different way.  

Jackie continues her studies and has worked with mediums such as John Holland (Maine), Mavis Patilla (UK), Lisa Williams (California) and Tony Stockwell (UK) Anne-Marie Bond (UK) Janet Nohavac (US) Certified Reiki Master, Intuitive Medicine, and Life Coach.

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