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Cam Markwardt

I had the most incredible experience attending one of Jackie Korth's group readings. It was amazing listening to other participants as they received information about loved ones who have passed. I was more than amazed when she began speaking of my family members. Her reading was very accurate and contained information that only my family would know. Due to a sensitive situation concerning a loved one who has passed, Jackie offered to delve deeper into that situation for our family so that we may have a sense of closure. Jackie truly cares. You will also find her to be extremely articulate, intelligent and witty. She has a beautiful gift to share and I feel  incredibly lucky to be on the receiving end of her gift.

Lea Ann Schneider

“Jackie is a rock star. After my reading with her I walked away feeling comforted and filled with awe, wondering how she was able to offer such accuracy, so consistently. It was a heart-touching, emotional, intimate experience! Jackie is extremely thorough, yet her sense of humor and outpouring of love is what makes time spent with her so awesome. Magical doesn’t even begin to describe her skills. I consider Jackie to be a master of her craft. She is professional, warm hearted and generous which combines to create everything you want in a spirit-filled reading.  Because of these qualities, I believe that all who come to know her, will love her”

Tami Thomas

"Jackie Korth is an incredible medium!  I had only had a reading done one other time before I met with her and she blew my mind.  I had loved ones come through and the description that she described about each of them was spot on and she was able to deliver the message so clearly to me.  The reading that I did with Jackie changed my life.  My loved ones had a message to give me and I was able to hear it through Jackie.  My grandfathers and my husband’s great uncle all relayed the same message about where our lives should be heading.  My husband and I decided to listen to our past loved ones and allow the universe to present opportunities to us. We decided to follow what was being presented and moved across the country.  If I hadn’t been open minded to work with Jackie, I’m not sure that I would have been so trusting to allow the universe to show my family what we needed to do.  I’m forever grateful to her and her abilities to successfully and accurately communicate with my loved ones.  Thank you Jackie!"

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