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Private Mediumship Readings 

your session can be in person or online. Jackie will connect and communicate with your loved ones in Spirit.  Although you may be coming for a message from specific individuals, please be open to the message coming forward as Jackie always asks for messages of healing.

1 hr. [ $275


Mediumship Group Session

Join Jackie as you gather your friends, family, or co-workers together for a group session. These are emotionally moving events, that bring laughter, tears and healing.  We will begin to understand they have never left us, just here in a different way.


1 hr. 30 min [ Cost based upon group size

Intuitive Readings - Online

 These readings give people some perspective on what and why something is happening in their life. The aim of the readings is always to remove energy blocks and guidance on moving through the challenge.     - Be sure that you are in a quiet place with little background noise.    - Be sure that you are in an area where you have a clear cellphone connection


30 min [ $100

Healing Stones
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