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Aura Photography with a complete analysis of your chakra energy.


7 page Aura Analysis and Report + Bonus Chakra Interpretation Report

Primary chakra imbalances with associated tools you can incorporate to help balance your chakra energy

Objective of the chakra
General energy
Life topics
Physical Association
Psychic Energy
Emotional Meaning
Spiritual Association
Nature incl. essential oils, crystal stones, and homeopathic remedies


Interpretation Analysis Chakra Optimization Report  

Details the specific chakra imbalances and what those imbalances mean to you. 

Focus of the chakra imbalance
Present state of the chakra energy and color
Desired state fo the chakra energy and color
*This report is an additional 5-15 pages depending on the individual and how many chakra imbalances are currently present.

Option: Add a life focus area for the analysis i.e. health, relationships, money, finding a job, difficulty losing weight, etc. for more specific healing.


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Aura Photography & Chakra Analysis

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