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Is Earthing Grounding or Grounding Earthing?

Or is it just a fancy word for connecting to the earth? So lets examine what this is. It turns out that the feeling of the ground beneath your toes actually comes with health benefits. Digging your bare feet into grass, sand, or dirt has become one of the latest trends in wellness. What they call a trend has been around for a long time and people who look for natural ways to heal have used this method for a long time.

So to be clear earthing/grounding is the practice of walking or standing barefoot to connect to the Earth’s vital energies, and it’s probably one of the most peaceful practices today.

Why does this matter?

Our lifestyles have increasingly been under stress, jobs, covid, home, life, and schooling the list goes on. During the last few decades, chronic illness and inflammatory diseases have increased dramatically, with some researchers citing environmental factors as the cause. ( ok, not surprising)

So What Is The Science Behind This?

Does this come with scientific health benefits? The Earth’s surface has an abundance of negatively charged electrons that rapidly reduce the positive charge. We have co-existed with nature which means being outdoors can feel natural to us or good. So when we stand barefoot on the Earth, the body absorbs these free electrons and equalizes to the Earth’s negative charge. Thus feeling calmer and relaxed!

How It Works & Benefits

Our nervous system is an electrical system of the body and influences all these activities. A flow of negative electrons from the Earth’s surface has proven to calm the nervous system by switching the autonomic nervous system from the sympathetic, “fight-or-flight” branch toward the parasympathetic “rest-and-digest” branch. New research also shows that grounding can positively affect the inflammatory response and the immune system, which could have far-reaching health benefits. Grounding appears to also improve sleep, help manage pain, and normalizes cortisol to reduce the stress response.

So don’t just sit there reading this in the house, get outside and put your feet on the grass!

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