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Communication, Sign or Visitation?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Have you ever dreamt of a loved one who has passed away? Or have you had a dream that you were talking to a departed person and it seemed so real, vivid colors, and didn't feel like a normal dream? Lastly, you had a dream and there seems like a message was given to you. If so, you’ve experienced a communication, sign or visitation.

How can you tell? Dreams are one of the easiest ways for our loved ones to communicate with us. When we are at rest our mind is quiet and open. During our waking hours we are aware of conditions, environments or beliefs that might question our reality or what our senses feel. This includes but is not limited to what we are feeling, seeing, smelling or hearing. We give our loved ones and guides a way to communicate answers to our questions, give us a sign or perhaps a visitation.

Here is my experience a few months after my father passed. I dreamt I was walking up the side walk of a two story house that I had not seen before. I opened the door and walked up a flight of steps and saw a painting at the top of the steps. Instinctively, I knew I could walk through that painting.

When I got to the other side it was different, but I did not have fear. I looked and saw beautiful blue, crystal clear water, a dock and a boat that we used to own when I was young with lawn chairs and a campfire. When I turn to the left I saw Earl, one of my dad's best friends that passed to the spiritual world before him. I asked Earl what he was doing here and he told me he was bringing my dad forward as they'd been together that day. In the distance I saw my father walking towards me, I ran to him and hugged him as tight as I could. I told him how much we missed him and how happy I was to have a chance to tell him that. My father told me that I could only spend a short time with him, as I wasn't supposed to be there and would not be able to return there again. We sat by the campfire and I just enjoyed the time with my father and other loved ones. He told me when I left he would come to me next time. Then I awoke and cried for hours because it felt so real!

When you awake from a dream like that it doesn't feel the same way.

How do I tell if its a visitation or a dream?

When we're having a dream it's usually our brain trying to make sense of what life is like without them or sorting through your life together.

So how do you tell?

The dream seems realistic; it feels like you are there. The dream flows like it should, meaning things happen in sequence.

You have a conversation where you both interact with each other by listening and answering each other.

You are in a place of peace and feel loving energy, hope and healing.

You can remember details of the dream; it's very colorful and vibrant.

You awaken with the feeling of being there and the recollection of the dream, and that it was a place you actually visited.

How can you get to the place? Before you go to sleep ask your loved one to come and visit you or bring you to them.

Here are some examples of what to ask for:

"(Loved-ones name or their role in the physical world), please guide me to you as I sleep and help me to remember the details when I awake.” With love and gratitude.

"(Loved-ones name or their role in the physical world), please come and visit with me tonight as I sleep and help me to remember the details when I awake.” With love and gratitude.

If it doesn't happen on the first try, don’t give up. Keep asking nightly until you get results.

This is just another way to show us life continues but just in another way. It's a chance to see what our loved ones experience, what it's like. Knowing we are never alone and our loves ones continue in another way brings me so much peace.

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