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Angels & Guides

Guardian Angels, Archangels, and Spirit guides; are sent to watch over us and help give comfort, offer guidance and bring people and opportunities into your life. They have limits regarding what they can do.

When inviting or asking for assistance from our guides or angels there is no timetable when they come to assist. If our angels and guides work right away to help us, we get notifications by feelings or seeing.

We also receive assistance by what I refer to as earth angels, these are folks that our guides or angels put in place to help guide us through what we're here to learn. Most people are not aware they they are around or even aware of their guidance and protection.

How to communicate

Prayer is not always asking for assistance or help. Prayer is how we show love and offer gratitude for what we have in front of us. Prayers do not have to be formal, you can make your own prayer. Below I will share an example:

(Angel or Guide name or no name), I ask you for your assistance (describe your situation). Help me be aware of your presence and open my channel of communication with you. Thank you for your guidance and opening of my mind, so I can understand your guidance in the way that best serves me and the greater good. I ask for your assistance in keeping me focused and motivated to accomplish this. I thank you from my whole heart and soul for listening to me and delivering what is needed for me to move forward.

You may not hear a voice but you may wake up and feel refreshed with ideas or something is presented to you. Remember it is not on our timetable! Let go and know this will be presented to you in the highest and greatest good for all concerned.


Meditation is a great way of connection, that opens up all channels of communication and quiets your mind. When you meditate this creates a channel of divine guidance where our mind lets go of chatter and sends all things that serve us no purpose to the light. Then we ask our questions and wait for the answer or guidance. We may hear our voice or think it's our thought but our voice is turned off and we're receiving directly from our guides and/or angels.

If you struggle, continue to practice. Before you go to sleep ask your question and ask for guidance, when you are at rest your mind is quietest.

Meditation to meet your Angel or Spirit guide

These are a couple of ways to invite and work with your angels and guides. Know that they are always with us, just waiting for us to call them in for assistance with open arms and unconditional love.

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