This is a 12-month mediumship mentoring program guiding you to build a strong connection with your spirit guides, creating a deeper understanding of your gifts while developing your mediumship & psychic abilities. Throughout the course, we focus on receiving messages of evidence and healing.  My Intention is to bring clarity, direction and focus to your goal.


This is the online training course you have been waiting for!


  • Attunement exercises

  • This mentoring program identifies blocks and healing for the student

  • Learn how to build a business

  • Understanding the history of mediums 

  • Expanding your Mediumistic abilities

  • Work with mental and trance mediumship

  • Working on strength with your link during a reading

  • Personal development putting aside your doubt

  • Psychic development using other tools

  • Each session is one hour in duration and includes both theory and practice.

  • Training is ongoing and constructive advice will be given during each session.

  • Each client with be connected to a development page with other clients and mediums to practice sittings outside of their coaching sessions

  • We will have a Facebook group for all questions

  • All sessions are on a one to one basis via Zoom in the privacy of your own home.

The mentoring sessions will start July 2020. Sign up today!


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