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You Are Magic!

Join Jackie Korth & Elissa Wilds in a weekend of

amping up and super charging your intuition,

empower your life retreat

at the beautiful

Safety Resort & Spa, in Safety Harbor, Florida.

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Animal Communications &
Tami Friday & Jackie Korth

Our special guest is Tami Friday, Tami is an Psychic medium animal communicator amongst many healing modalities she works with. Tami bridges communication between your furry friend and their families.

Tami is based out of Milwaukee WI.

We ask that a picture be emailed to"> with the pets first and last name.  Please have your question on the back or Tami can give you what she is receiving.  The Animal can be in the physical world or have already crossed over into spirit.

We can not guarantee all will be read but we will do our best. You must be present to receive a reading.

October 16, 2023

After Life Communications

Join Medium Jackie Korth and Paranormal Investigator and Psychic Heather Clark and Husband Greg in an evening of communication beyond the physical realm. Jackie will sit with a small group creating an atmosphere of focused energy.

Heather and Greg Clark Paranormal Investigators will set up an array of advanced equipment, including electromagnetic field detectors and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recorders, ready to capture any potential signs of presence. Through their combined efforts, they strive to bridge the gap between this world and the next, seeking to connect with a departed loved one. There are limited seats and we will hold two sessions. 


Please arrive on time as we will not be letting anyone in once we start.
November 29, 2023

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Time Community Theater
Haunted or Not?

Join Jackie Korth and Windigo Paranormal in an evening of paranormal discovery. Tickets will be available soon. Check with the link below.

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