Jackie is an Evidential Medium and an Intuitive Healer.


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Hi my name is Jackie Korth,  I am a Psychic Medium that has the blessing and privilege of bringing forward evidential messages from loved ones who have crossed.  My journey started very young in my life.  The problem was I did not understand what I was seeing, hearing or knowing. 


With the help of some very talented mediums, friends and family  I am able to bring forth messages that show are loved ones are here, always letting us know love never stops it is something that lives and grows forever.   My  intention in my sessions is to bring forward healing, comfort and support that offers you the chance to experience life in a different way.  


When you open your heart you will truly learn that love is forever and they are but a breathe away.


Jackie continues her studies and has worked with mediums such as John Holland (Maine), Mavis Patilla (UK), Lisa Williams (California) and Tony Stockwell (UK).



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